Where is the warning triangle placed on the road?

1. Do not stop the vehicle in the middle lane but place the warning triangle in the outermost or innermost lane. Must be in the middle of our own lane, which is in the straight lane.

2. If your car is on a ramp, then the warning triangle should be placed on the top of the hill or on the bottom of the slope. If it is uphill, it should be placed at the bottom of the slope. If it is downhill, it should be placed on the top of the slope. Because on the slope, there is a blind area from the flat road to the downhill, so it is necessary to place a triangular sign in advance to remind the back of the car.

3. If you are in a corner, or in a curved corner in the basement, you should place the warning triangle before the curve and remind the rear car to enter the corner as soon as possible.

4. In the end, we must pay attention to the fact that after accidents stop, we must turn on double flashing lights. The icon is also a small red triangle. There is a small exclamation mark in the center, which is the most prominent position in the center console and the biggest one. Button.

The warning triangle is after the accident, we temporarily handle the small tools that ensure our safety, although it is a small but safe barrier to our lives. Must pay attention to the correct use in order to prevent the occurrence of the second accident!