What should the auto emergency kit contain?

auto emergency kit can better protect our safety. So what does the auto emergency kit contain? The auto emergency kit includes a battery fire line, a Phillips screwdriver, a flat-blade screwdriver, a tire pressure pen, a tape, a glove, a life hammer, a flashlight, a tow rope, and the like.

safety hammer

The safety hammer is indispensable in the car. When we can't open the door, using a safety hammer can help us escape. When knocking on the window, use a relatively sharp place to crush the four corners of the window glass. You don't have to knock in the middle, the middle is the strongest place.

Tow rope

The tow rope is also necessary. In case your car can't be opened, there is no oil and no electricity. The engine of the engine is broken. The car accident is about to fall off the cliff. This tow rope is the best protection. Usually go to the outing by car, if you get stuck in the mud pit, you can pull your car out with a tow rope.


Gloves This is the most common, wearing gloves to reduce the pain on your hands and protect your hands.


A screwdriver is an essential tool when repairing parts on a car.