Use of safety hammer


Cutting the seat belt: When the car accident occurs, the seat belt may not be able to be unraveled normally. This small thing comes with a knife and can cut off the seat belt to escape.

Crushing the glass: The safety hammer comes with a strong spring. As long as the hammer is pressed against the glass with a little force, a metal tip will pop out and hit the glass quickly and violently, thus achieving the convenience that the ordinary safety hammer cannot achieve.

I have tested the actual impact effect (using my hand and ordinary stainless steel panel): strong, can leave obvious dents on the surface of the stainless steel plate, also tingling on the fingers, but not severe pain (no punctured skin) ), because the striker of the safety hammer does not extend a long distance, it is only used to hit the hard surface, so the safety is very high, even if the child takes it for misuse, it will not hurt himself.