The use of the safety hammer method and the matters needing attention

This article is to introduce the questions about the safety hammer in the two aspects, one is using the method, another is to use the matters needing attention.

The use of the safety hammer
Lifesaving hammer was mainly used the tip of the cone, because of the point contact area is very small, so when use hammer to hit the glass, the contact pressure is quite large for glass (which is similar with the principle of the pins), and made the car glass at this point a lot of outside force, resulting in a slight craze.For toughened glass, a little bit of cracking means that the stress distribution within the whole piece of glass, all the damage to the spider mesh cracks and in an instant when lightly with a hammer to hit a few times can rid the shards of glass.

Use safety hammer the note
Because of the strongest in the middle of the toughened glass, the most weak corners and edges.Is so dangerous, the best way is to use safety glass hammer edges and corners, especially glass edge above the middle place, once the glass has a crack, you can knock a few times more.It is said that about two kilograms of pressure can make the toughened glass broken at the edges.
When you take a coach, had better choose near safety hammer, safety door or the roof safety exports nearly everyone.If you want, you can take a closer look to open the door, because in the event of accident, it is unlikely that the static gas concentration, look at the instructions.
Cars equipped with safety hammer hammer was able to play a role, such as private cars are equipped with safety hammer, shall be put it in with desirable location.
In case of emergency, the driver should be aimed at from down to up two-thirds drop left and right side of the center position, to ensure that quickly.With safety hammer hit the glass strength will be much stronger than the pebbles blunt instrument, such as ordinary tempered glass can be break.