The characteristics and functions of reflective safety vest

Reflective safety vest are usually made of woven fabric, mesh cloth, oxford cloth, etc., and are made of reflective safety vest with reflective strips. reflective safety vest are mainly used for people with low visibility or working on special occasions, such as sanitation workers. Traffic police, night construction workers, etc. who work in hazardous environments.

Reflective safety vest can reduce the dangers in production work, especially in traffic engineering. reflective safety vest are widely used in shipbuilding, steel, machinery, oil, ambulance, parking, airports, roads. Sanitation cleaning, traffic police and outdoor work or construction are good safety warning supplies.

Reflective safety vest can be seen everywhere in life. The staff has been improved in safety by wearing reflective safety vest. reflective safety vest are usually brightly colored fluorescent colors: fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, which have obvious recognition in the crowd. The effect of the warning.

Reflective strips made by special processes can bounce back the straight-lined fiber, especially at night, allowing remote vehicles to be discovered in time.