Road traffic safety fault car safety warning motor vehicle reflective brand reflective tripod

Role: put in the rear of the car in the event of a car breakdown, to prevent rear car rear-end!

1, high-bright reflection: the surface is made of plexiglass, with the highest reflective performance, the warning mark can be seen in a few hundred meters, and the vehicle driving from the back can be warned in advance to take precautions as soon as possible.

2, must-have items for driving out: When you are not on the highway or on the general road, you can put the triangular warning sign 100 meters away from the back of the car, and you are close to safety and away from danger.

3, when the triangle card is retracted, the volume is very small, and the rear car box basically does not occupy space, and it is prepared. With a triangular warning sign in the car, there is one more way to avoid danger.

On a typical road, the driver should set a warning sign 50 meters away from the direction of the car; on the highway, a warning sign should be placed 100 meters away; pay special attention to some special circumstances, for example, on rainy days or at the corner, be sure to A warning sign is placed 150 meters away so that the rear vehicle can be detected early. It is especially important to place a warning sign when the vehicle is in trouble at night. Remind all driver friends that when choosing a warning sign, be sure to purchase a product with guaranteed quality, because within a safe enough distance, whether the later vehicle finds the warning sign in time is the key to avoid the rear-end accident. Small, but an indispensable element to protect yourself and others.