Need a safety hammer in the car?

A car is a car used to carry people and their belongings, and the seats are placed between the two axes. The maximum number of seats, including the driver, is no more than nine. The average car emphasizes comfort and is centered on the occupant. Moreover, from the economic considerations, choose an engine with moderate horsepower, small displacement, and low fuel consumption. In terms of driving license management in Mainland China, cars are specifically referred to as small cars that are different from trucks, pickups, SUVs, buses, and CMBs, commonly known as "small cars."

The safety hammer can break the glass for escape in an emergency. Now there is a safety hammer that can be illuminated. It can also be used for daily lighting. It is convenient to carry around. Xiaobian suggested that the car is also equipped with a safety hammer.


Car safety hammer, also called multi-function safety hammer. Refers to the tool used to smash the glass window of an automobile in an automobile in the event of an emergency or disaster. Nowadays, there are many brands of car safety hammers, and their functions and styles are different. The hammer body is made of plastic, wood, steel, etc. The hammer heads are metal heads.

Nowadays, there are many types and styles of car safety hammers. Some other functions have been added to the original use (mashed car glazing). Only the safety hammer is provided in the vehicle to escape safely in an emergency.