Is the triangle warning sign placed there?

At present, most of the models sold in China are placed on the inner side of the trunk lid of the vehicle or under the trunk cover, and some are placed directly in the trunk. For the triangular warning sign in the trunk directly, I suggest that the outer casing of the warning sign be treated with a nylon gluing so that it can be fixed on the trunk of the trunk without "running", so that when using it, it can be used first. Time to find.

How many meters should I put behind the car?

During the day in the general city loop, the warning sign should be placed 50 meters behind the car. If it is a highway, it should be set up 150 meters behind the car (about 200 steps for adults); if it is at night, the city When the loop encounters a vehicle failure, the warning sign needs to be set at 100 meters behind the car, and on the highway, it should be set at 250 meters (about 300 steps for adults). Note: Double flash must be turned on at night. ! When you use the triangle card to recover, you should put the triangle back to the direction of the car to avoid accidents.

After placing the warning sign, turn on the double flash!

The triangle warning sign is placed to remind the rear of the car that there is a vehicle parked on the side of the road, please slow down; and the double flash is turned on to tell the rear to come to the car, which one is the accident.

In the "People's Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Law", there are also provisions, in addition to the installation of triangular warning signs, it is necessary to open the hazard warning flash in accordance with the regulations, and at the same time should also open the position lights and rear tail lights.

to sum up

Due to its small size and low frequency of use, the triangular warning sign is easily overlooked by the owner. In fact, when your vehicle breaks down on the road or fails to drive, it can play a huge role in protecting your personal safety. Of course, the triangle warning sign is not just a place to find a position after the car, and the use of the standard can play its biggest role, thus providing us with better protection.