How to use the triangle warning sign?

The car triangle warning sign does not seem to be difficult to use, but many car owners do not use it correctly. The misuse of car triangle warning signs is abound in real life. It is the existence of these misuses that sometimes lead to even bigger accidents. So what do we need to pay attention to during the use?

The warning triangle is placed at least 50 meters.

Some car owners have the awareness of setting up warning triangles when an accident occurs. However, the placement distance is equivalent to not being placed, and some are placed directly behind the car at a distance of less than 10 meters. The position where the warning sign is placed is too close to the accident occurrence point. Any warning effect, if the rear car is too late to react with the car, it will easily lead to a second accident. So how far is the distance?

According to the "Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China", on a conventional road, when a fault occurs or a traffic accident occurs, the warning sign should be placed 50 to 100 meters behind the vehicle; on the expressway, Warning signs are placed 150 meters away from the car. In case of rain and fog, the distance must be raised to 200 meters.

The triangle warning sign cannot be placed behind the vehicle side

When an accident needs to be stopped on the road, the warning sign should be placed directly behind or in the same lane, and it should not be placed at the side. Otherwise, it will not only play a warning role, but may also mislead the judgment of the rear car. It is easier to increase. The probability of a second accident.

No other items can be used as warning signs

When the truck driver checks the parking, he uses the hot water bottle as a warning triangle, which causes the reminder not to cause the rear-end accident. In addition to the thermos in the above examples, there are many wonderful cases of using fire extinguishers, buckets, and even branches to serve as warning signs. I have to feel that "the master is in the folk." Remember not to use other items as a warning triangle, so there is no warning at all. If there is no car owner on the car or the warning sign has broken, be sure to “replenish” as soon as possible. Maybe someday you need to use it. The price of the triangle warning sign is not high, and you can buy it in a dozen pieces.

Do not hold the triangle warning sign with your hand

What should I do if the warning triangle bracket is broken? Holding it by hand? This seems to be very security-conscious, but there are actually huge security risks.

In the traffic flow, don't say that you have to hold a triangle card to stand there. It is dangerous to look at it. However, such a dangerous move really exists in reality. This seemingly "high-profile" approach can neither serve as a warning nor cause itself to "crash the upper body". Everyone must remember not to do it.

Turn on the double flash after placing the warning sign

The triangle warning sign is placed to remind the rear of the car that there is a vehicle parked on the side of the road, please slow down; and the double flash is turned on to tell the rear to pick up the car, which one is the accident.

In the "Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China", there are also provisions, in addition to the installation of triangular warning signs, the dangerous alarm flash should be turned on in accordance with the regulations, and the position lights and rear tail lights should be turned on at night.

Due to its small size and low frequency of use, the triangular warning sign is easily overlooked by the owner. In fact, when your vehicle breaks down on the road or fails to drive, it can greatly protect your personal safety. Of course, the triangle warning sign is not just a place to find a position after the car, and the use of the standard can play its biggest role, thus providing us with better protection.