How to use the safety hammer correctly?

The life hammer, also known as the safety hammer, is an auxiliary escape tool that is installed in a closed compartment. It is generally installed in a location that is easily accessible in a closed compartment such as a car. In an emergency such as a fire in a closed compartment such as a car or falling into the water, it is convenient to take out and smash the glazing door to escape smoothly.

The hammer is dangerous and cannot be carried by subway. Security screening will not let it pass. The subway itself will have a safety hammer.

How to use: The safety hammer mainly uses its conical tip. Since the contact area of the tip is small, the pressure of the contact point against the glass when using the hammer glass (not the pressure, but the pressure per unit area) Quite large, this is similar to the principle of the pushpin. The film is easily punctured, and the car glass is subjected to a large external force at this point to cause slight cracking. For tempered glass, a little cracking occurs. This means that the stress distribution inside the whole glass is destroyed, so that numerous spider web cracks are generated in an instant. At this time, the glass fragments can be removed by gently rubbing with a hammer.

In addition, the middle portion of the tempered glass is the strongest, and the four corners and the edges are the weakest. The best way is to hit the edge and four corners of the glass with a safety hammer, especially in the middle of the upper edge of the glass. Once the glass has cracks, it is easy to smash the whole glass.

Car Alarm Anti-theft Safety Hammer Product Description: The handle design is safe and reliable. When there is an accident, the glass can be broken with the utmost strength, and the hand safety belt can be cut off with a safety blade at the end to help the driver or passenger. escape. Effectively improve the safety factor of driving, it is a necessary safety product for every car!