How does reflective material protect people's safety?

Reflective material is a high-tech product produced by using glass microbeads or microprism-type materials using optical refraction directed regression principle. It has no radioactivity and toxicity, and has side effects. Reflective materials have been widely used in foreign transportation facilities and personal safety facilities.

Consciously wearing clothing with reflective materials: Many people mistakenly believe that reflective materials are patents for work clothes such as road cleaning, and those with identity wear are falling prices. Reflective clothing has become one of the trends of future clothing. Among the various clothing performances, safety is of the highest value and is difficult to measure by money.

The domestic reflective materials market has been on the right track, the application of products is becoming more and more extensive, and the professionalism is getting more and more fine. International standards or industry standards have been formulated for reflective professional wear for different purposes, such as the international professional standard EN471 (Xinghua reflective material). Far beyond this standard)). Secondly, the standard use of reflective materials is one of the important basis for insurance compensation in the United States and other western developed countries. The state also uses regulations or incentives to stipulate or promote the use of reflective materials. For example, in the environment of poor visibility of rain, fog, snow, night, etc., the elderly and children must wear or wear signs or clothing with reflective materials. . The famous foreign sports and leisure products company is aiming at the morning exercise and evening training of office workers. It is the first to use reflective materials on clothing, shoes, hats and bags, so that the clothing has added safety functions on the basis of beautiful and practical.

The use of reflective materials on clothing is a popular trend in international fashion and a special embodiment of fashion and high-end. At present, sports goods have begun to have reflective shoes and hats, reflective cotton jackets, reflective casual wear, and other products. Special emphasis is placed on the shiny and reflective effect of the reflective clothing after scouring or washing. It can be said that the reflective material debuts in the night, has become the trend of the times.