Escape hammer hammer introduction how to use

Escape hammer also called safety hammer, can be seen in many places, are very common.Escape hammer can save people's life in a lot of times, but there are a lot of people won't use escape hammer, below small make up to you to introduce the use of the hammer to escape.

Remove right hammer to escape.General escape hammer can be straight up and then pick, but some to prevent anyone get on the bus, with stent buckle escape hammer, not directly take down, this is about to observe carefully stuck to escape the framework of the hammer, loosen the bracket to remove the escape hammer.

The right hand hammer to escape.For ordinary escape hammer, the four fingers together and held town, thumb out against the middle finger.The grip to hold the hand cannot shiver.
For more than one escape hammer, and flashlight almost grip, but it is pay special attention to the location of the emergency flashing lights in escape hammer, namely the hammer the back, which can be used when hitting the glass now.
Sometimes, there is an emergency to get us to escape hammer but finding of being chained down to seat belts, at that time have not opened as usual.Then can use muti_function the emergency escape hammer breaking rope on the knife, to quickly put the seat belt cutting, to break the glass.
Escape hammer hit the glass, the strength should be uniform, cannot use bullheadedness, escape hammer in itself is very small, break the glass is not by strength, but with the "QiaoJin".Escape pein is quite sharp, when hit with "QiaoJin" knock a few times more.
The appropriate tapping position.Escape hammer hit the glass, it is best choice more convenient position to tap.Although very panic in case of emergency, but if the twisted or crooked arm type glass body is hard to use, as I want as far as possible with the habit right hand (used to left hand must use the left hand) be terribly percussion.As soon as possible to break the glass.
Escape hammer with the most important thing is to find, to the best place to tap on a glass.When faced with an emergency need to break the glass to escape, don't take escape hammer knock around, they knock on broken glass, not delay time.Should find the four corners of the glass, distance between window frame about 5 centimeters, can quickly in these four areas near knock the glass broken.Note to knock, according to a point, such as the glass thoroughly knocked to knock the other points.Or after the break point if the glass appear larger hole, can break the glass with their feet chuai.In many other bus on the glass with the word "safety emergency break glass", escape hammer hit the mark also can quickly break glass.
If it is dark in an emergency, it can be used on emergency escape hammer flashing lights and a torch, and press the button to open the lamp can provide rescue workers after the signal.
Use method introduced above is escape hammer, hope to be of help.