The importance of reflective safety vest

The task of road traffic safety management has been aggravated, and the traffic police has brought great hidden dangers to the safety of the police during the course of command and law enforcement policing. In order to ensure personal safety, many times in the team meeting, the police and the auxiliary police are required to actively maintain the road traffic order in the area and to prevent major and serious road traffic accidents. At the same time, attention is paid to strengthening the safety protection work of the police and maximizing the protection of duty. The personal safety, to carry out the work of all kinds of efficient development, duty officers will wear a vest with a reflective film outside the work clothes, when the car light shines on the reflected light.

The first is to strengthen safety awareness, to remind and require all police to strengthen their awareness of safety protection, always pay attention to their own safety precautions, earnestly implement safety protection measures, while ensuring their own safety, actively and steadily work.

The second is to strengthen education and training. The core police officers with rich organizational experience and solid business skills conducted centralized teaching, revisiting the “Traffic Police road duty enforcement regulations” and “traffic accident handling work norms”.

The third is to strengthen police equipment. When the brigade requires duty officers to be on the road, they must wear a safety vest and carry a variety of safety equipment.